My Artwork

EVERYTHING I WAS, AM & HOPE TO BE, CONDENSED INTO 78 LINES, 2010 A FALLING THROUGH, 2010 THE CYCLIC NATURE OF LIFE, AS EXPRESSED BY A SUNFLOWER, 2010 STILLNESS IN DREAMS, 2010 A PORTRAIT IN BLUE (CAUGHT IN BETWEEN), 2010 THE FERRYMAN, 2010 STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, 2010 A BLENDING OF ALL THAT YOU ARE,  WITH ALL THAT I AM, 2010 BEING LOVE, 2010 THE VULNERABILITY OF NATURE IN THE HANDS OF MAN, 2010 Satori: The Path To Enlightenment River Hunt - Portrait Triptych (centre panel 2006) River Hunt - The Winter of Discontent (2008) River Hunt - Untitled (2005) River Hunt - Peace (2009) River Hunt - Pierrot The Clown (2006) River Hunt - Logic is Always a Step Behind Nature (2009) River Hunt - Untitled (2005) River Hunt - Scream (2007) River Hunt - Figures (2004)

Thoughts on Identity in Art

I D E N T I T Y. Identity, identify, individual, diverse, divisional, diluted.

My work has focused on areas of Identity over the last several years, of which you will find numerous references throughout this site, taking various perspectives on how art can be seen as a reflection of identity, and indeed how […]


Looking Through The Exhibition