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EVERYTHING I WAS, AM & HOPE TO BE, CONDENSED INTO 78 LINES, 2010 A FALLING THROUGH, 2010 THE CYCLIC NATURE OF LIFE, AS EXPRESSED BY A SUNFLOWER, 2010 STILLNESS IN DREAMS, 2010 A PORTRAIT IN BLUE (CAUGHT IN BETWEEN), 2010 THE FERRYMAN, 2010 STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, 2010 A BLENDING OF ALL THAT YOU ARE,  WITH ALL THAT I AM, 2010 BEING LOVE, 2010 THE VULNERABILITY OF NATURE IN THE HANDS OF MAN, 2010 Satori: The Path To Enlightenment River Hunt - Portrait Triptych (centre panel 2006) River Hunt - The Winter of Discontent (2008) River Hunt - Untitled (2005) River Hunt - Peace (2009) River Hunt - Pierrot The Clown (2006) River Hunt - Logic is Always a Step Behind Nature (2009) River Hunt - Untitled (2005) River Hunt - Scream (2007) River Hunt - Figures (2004)

Digital Art: Immerse Your Soul In Love


River Hunt
UK Based Artist, Writer & Photographer.


2 comments to Digital Art: Immerse Your Soul In Love

  • Lee

    Hey RIver,

    Love this and referencing my favourite song lyric. This may be a silly question, but is there a way that I could purchase a print?


  • River Hunt

    Hi Lee, yes I love those lyrics, so visually stimulating…
    I don’t offer any prints currently (I just do this for fun), but am reviewing options as quite a few people have asked for this.

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